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While currently working on a Christmas album from highly respected jazz guitarist Frank Vignola (featuring Gary Mazzaroppi and chanteuse Audra Mariel ), Stuart recently completed mixing a David Bowie tribute album featuring over 40 musicians from the DC Metro area and organized by Bandhouse Gigs (released August 19th, 2017).  Recent highlights have also included recording, mixing, and co-producing Jimmy Gaudreau 's CD release, "Give Us Strength", which features Mike Auldridge (dobro), Jonathan Edwards (of "Sunshine" fame), vocalist Elle Mears , and many other wonderful musicians and vocalists.  Stuart also has finished mastering Steve Albini recorded songs from Croatia's Psihomodo Pop , who previously employed Stonebridge Studios for the mastering on their award-winning album, " Ciribu Ciriba ".

Other notable projects are Stuart's recording, mixing, and co-producing of the Stray Birds ’ debut album, which NPR awarded “Top Ten of 2012″. He also served the same role for their follow-up effort, " Best Medicine ", which was released under Yep-Roc Records.  Stuart also co-produced, recorded, and mixed the Steel Wheels ’ “ Lay Down Lay Low ”, which won the Independent Music Awards’ “Best Americana Album of 2012″. The internationally-acclaimed album “ 2:10 Train ” on Rebel Records with Jimmy Gaudreau and Moondi Klein that Stuart recorded and mixed resulted in him co-producing the 2012 follow-up, “ Home From the Mills ” and the subsequent " If I Had a Boat ". Other musical greats Stuart has enjoyed working with include Bill Emerson, Orrin Starr, Robbie Schaefer, the Nighthawks, Tom Principato, mandolinist Danny Knicely, Victoria Vox, Robin & Linda Williams, Lavacave, Robert Bobby, jazz drummer Jeremy Carlstedt, Red & the Romantics, the Glen Rock Carollers (oldest men's choir in the US), Mason Porter, and award-winning Croatian group Gretta.

Stuart's audio goal is to finesse detail within a composite picture that leaves the listener with the impression of having had a memorable, almost tactile involvement with the music.  He has an audiotory focus and experience that bridges modern and early forms.  Adept at computer or analog console mixing, he seeks to serve each clients' need to connect with their particular audience.

A professional musician since the late 80's, Stuart formed Zen Frisbee with Chuck Garrison (later of Superchunk) and Kevin Dixon before leaving Chapel Hill, NC for the burgeoning music scene in Charlottesville, VA where he developed Wolves of Azure, a rock and blues act that toured the US.  The full-length album, "out of the blue", featured original material and sold over 3,000 copies in a pre-internet world.  The Wolves played close to 200 shows a year while sharing the stage with Dave Matthews, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Mike Seeger, Edgar Winter, Danny Gatton, Delbert McClinton, Marshall Tucker Band, Aquarium Rescue Unit, and many others.

In the mid 90's, Stuart moved his family to Washington, DC to work as a studio engineer at the Pacifica Network, National Public Radio and multiple Washington, D.C. radio stations. Interested in pursuing a greater understanding of audio and amplifiers, he completed a degree in electrical engineering at the University of Maryland, which led to work with the Bureau of Standards (NIST) and the Defense Department.  Stuart continued to play throughout the East Coast with former members of Danny Gatton's band as well as continuously recording and mixing.  In 2006 Stuart opened Stonebridge Studios on a full-time basis.


“Their fully rounded sound is so authentic I swear I could hear the frogs and crickets in the background.”
          Alan Harrison (No Depression) referring to 2012′s “The Stray Birds”

“I’ve learned to trust his ears over my own…. He always knows when I have a better ‘take’ in me.”
          Jimmy Gaudreau from the liner notes to 2010′s “Pieces and Bits”

“This is a beautiful recording.”
          Jacques DiCroce (Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association) referring to 2012′s “Home From the Mills”

“From a production standpoint, you can’t sound more professional…”
          Colin McGuire (Frederick News Post) referring to 2012′s “The Stray Birds”

“This disk sounds as natural as the proverbial cool mountain stream and as relaxed as a well-worn baseball cap. The recording captures all the subtleties of Gaudreau’s hybrid mandolin style and Klein’s smooth flat picking.”
          Steven Stone (Enjoy the referring to 2008′s “2:10 Train”

“The 11 tracks of ‘The Stray Birds’ leave a listener with the same fullness and intimacy of a live show.”
          Becca Kraybill (The Goshen College Record) referring to 2012′s “The Stray Birds”

“You obviously have an appreciation for how acoustic instruments sound.”
          Bill Emerson (famed banjo player from the Country Gentlemen, Jimmy Martin, and Sweet Dixie)

“Dude…this effing ROCKS.”
          Scott Kinney (owner of Shamrock Music) referring to a recording for “Diary of a Wimpy Kids” movie


The Stray Birds:  Railroad Man

  The Steel Wheels
"Rain in the Valley"

Tom Principato with Steve Wolf 
                  and Jim Brock

Jimmy Gaudreau and Moondi Klein
                    "New Morning"

Danny Knicely with Amy Curl

Recording Jeremy Carlstedt

Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein
                 Red Haired Boy

Victoria Vox with Katie Chambers

Stuart Martin (guitar, vox)
        with Wolves of Azure

Psihomodo Pop  "Supstance"

Stuart Martin (guitar, vox)
        with Wolves of Azure

Gretta featuring Geby